Post launch #1 — featured and stats
Nov 10, 2020
Photo by Bill Jelen on Unsplash

Since our successfully launch last week, we got a lot of attention, and we would like to share some exciting stats with you:
- 4K+ users according to GA since the day of launch, most of them from USA, Germany, Canada, India, UK etc
- 1K users signup — what a conversion rate 🤩
- Number of total projects created: 700+ 🙌
- Number of total tasks created: 8000+ ✅
- Number of total tags created: 4000+ 🏷️

Other than that:
Featured on first page on YC Hackernews ( — that was huge 💪
Posted on ProductHunt ( — despite being most of the time 2nd product of the day, in the end of the day we ended up being 7th 📈
Posted on IndieHacker ( 🎉

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Organize tasks in a natural way using #tags and @mentions