Meet Ambra 1.0 – new landing page, insights, closed tasks and new avatars 🎉
3 min readNov 5, 2020


Today we are officially releasing version 1.0, which introduces to you some of the new features that we implemented to boost productivity even more. We brought you a new landing page, insights, closed tags and tasks, and a lot of other good stuff.

We are on Product Hunt

Product Hunt has become the go-to discovery tool for startup launches. We have launch on PH and concentrates our efforts to give a powerful message, so a lot of new people can hear about our product.

If you already have a PH account, go here and join the conversation by leaving your comment.

New landing page

A new modern landing page has been developed with great colors and topography. The home page now contains more information about the product, pricing models, and the trusted teams that already using


With insights, you can view the burn-up and burn-down diagrams for your project. It’s possible to have the insights based on user and tags, by just clicking on it. Insights show visual information about the tasks that have been done between two dates and for a specific entity(project, tag, and user).

Closed tasks

Do you remember tasks or tags that you have closed? We do. Now, you can find all closed tags and tasks as a history mode. We are calling it ‘Closed tasks’ and you can find it in the project menu. Users have the ability to open, view history, and delete closed tasks.

New email notification design

We at love simplicity and beautiful design. With this release, we’re providing a more friendly and completely redesigned user interface for emails. We hope you enjoy it.

New Avatars

As a very important feature of, we are providing more avatars that you can choose. We hope you use the avatar that represents you best. The more avatars are yet to come, so bear with us.

Stay with us

We love to be in touch with our lovely community members. That’s why we’ve created our presence in most used social so we can be close to you to support or just say hi :)
You can find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.



Organize tasks in a natural way using #tags and @mentions