How to manage a social media project in

As part of our effort to bring ambra perspective on managing projects close to our users, we have released a social media sample project to allow all users (including unauthenticated ones) to experience the magic of organizing a project in

The sample social media project is accessed from our landing page by clicking Try a sample project button or by just going to the URL

Our sample project is about promoting healthy food on main social media channels. We’ve named it Healthy Food Social Media Campaign.

In order to have the same experience of a real project, users can play with the project by changing project properties; managing tags by add, remove, edit, pin and re-order them; managing existing team members by edit name, role and color; managing tasks by add, edit, remove and re-order them, and managing Kanban view by adding and removing columns as well as dragging tasks through them.

Enjoy the simplicity and let us know your feedback on comments.



Organize tasks in a natural way using #tags and @mentions

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