Ambra + Clockify Integration

  • Track time on activities with one click
  • Get an accurate view of your workweek
  • Improve the profitability of your projects
  • Show clients how much you’ve worked
  • See how your team is allocating their time
  • It also easily enables you to track time and resources on projects, issues, and activities.
  • Understand how much work you’ve accomplished.
  • Calculate your hourly rate and average profit per project.
  • See how your team is allocating their time.
  • Show clients how much you’ve worked.
  • Create a Clockify account if you don’t have one already.
  • Install the Clockify Time Tracker browser extension for Chrome here. A timer button will automatically appear in all Ambra tasks (If the buttons don’t appear, please refresh your page).
  • Click Start timer in Ambra and the timer will start ticking. You can stop the timer from anywhere once you’re finished working on a task.
  • Run time reports in Clockify.




Organize tasks in a natural way using #tags and @mentions

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Organize tasks in a natural way using #tags and @mentions

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