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The ideal free time tracker and task management — perfect for freelancers, startups, and small teams.

At we always try to find the best tools to integrate with, of course by hearing the voice of our users. One of them that caught the attention of our users was Clockify.

We are excited to announce that we have introduced two new integrations in Ambra.

We love UI/UX designers, so they got our focus this time.

The first integration to be introduced is Zeplin — an amazing collaboration tool for UI/UX designers.

Zeplin helps designers share their work with other team…

As part of our effort to bring ambra perspective on managing projects close to our users, we have released a social media sample project to allow all users (including unauthenticated ones) to experience the magic of organizing a project in

Photo by Bill Jelen on Unsplash

Since our successfully launch last week, we got a lot of attention, and we would like to share some exciting stats with you:
- 4K+ users according to GA since the day of launch, most of them from USA, Germany, Canada, India, UK etc
- 1K users signup — what a conversion rate 🤩
- Number of total projects created: 700+ 🙌
- Number of total tasks created: 8000+ ✅
- Number of total tags created: 4000+ 🏷️

Other than that:
Featured on first page on YC Hackernews ( — that was huge 💪
Posted on ProductHunt ( — despite being most of the time 2nd product of the day, in the end of the day we ended up being 7th 📈
Posted on IndieHacker ( 🎉

Follow us for more exciting news in coming days.

Today we are officially releasing version 1.0, which introduces to you some of the new features that we implemented to boost productivity even more. We brought you a new landing page, insights, closed tags and tasks, and a lot of other good stuff.

We are on Product Hunt

Product Hunt has become the go-to discovery…

Easily access your project workspace from mobile, navigate through the project, tag, and team members, and have everything encrypted.

Thank you for being our golden beta tester. We have really exciting new features for the new version.

Mobile Friendly

Now you can manage projects, create tasks, tags, add team members, and more, right from your mobile browser. …

Organize tasks in a natural way using #tags and @mentions

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